Mixed Media

Consider a Collection?

A Moment in Time

"A Moment in Time"

~Slow down, life is a collection of moments, look Around ~

19" x 25"


“Sunset Vision”

11” x 14”


“Abstract Oceans”

~Do you see the cuttlefish?~

16” x 20”



~Earth’s Hypnosis~


“Mind’s Eye”

~Looking back at you~

29” x 41”


“Rivers on Jupiter”

~Bold and Balanced~

25” x 31"

“Queen of Hearts”

~She is Fierce~

12” x 12”


“Melody in the Movement”

~Connection between colors, movement, and the tune they create~

12" x 12"

“Atoms of a Clover”

~When preparation meets opportunity~

11” x 14”

Repurposed Copper Dish - Comes with 3 LED lights to attach to wall. Creates a beautiful warm glow expressing the pattern in the frame.

“Sea the Psychedelic"

~Relax the eyes and take in the movement~

48" x 36"

“Pink Lady”

~Angel of 44 Navy St~

18" x 24"

“Scorpio and Leo Love”

~Blessings, love, protection~

16" x 2o"

Citrin, Peridot, Rose Quartz, and Onyx


~It’s all in the Eye~

11" x 14"


“Sea or Space”

~Depends on the Planet~

16” x 20”


“Dear Mother Earth”

~Art & Poetry Combo, poem by Lion Harp ~

16” x 20”

I bow to you Mother Nature

Your wisdom teaches us all

How to build a better future

For our nation

The wind that cuts through your vast land

Carry the experiences

That were learned through, the many years of your existence

You Mother Nature

You are life, as you give and create life

In this beautiful dance of the sun and the moon

The food you allow us to grow

Feed our bellies and nurture our soul

You Mother nature connect us all  

In your waters we swim to wash off

Our shameful sins

So many mistakes we have done to hurt you

But your love is unconditional and true

Like the birds that fly by

And fade away in your beautiful sky

Time is also passing by

And we must learn from the lessons of the past

To use our technology, to future serve us best

As we also grow wiser

We can never disconnect

Like the roots of the trees

That communicate under our bare feet

Holding this world together

We must, coexist in peace

We are born free

And our wireless connection

Sends signals through our vibration

And no matter where is our location

We are all only one nation

So to you our Mother Nature

We say thank you

For letting us be part of your powerful creation!

44 navy street


A beautiful creation between the Lion and the Lady

One of many.

“Sahara's Ocean”

~Arial view from above~

11" x 14"

©️ Lady Hannah Art